Integra Metal Ceiling Systems

Aspen Azerbaijan & Aspen Yapı ve Zemin Sistemleri believes that the outputs of advanced technology are gifts granted for making life better.
With the rapidly developing conditioning Technologies, "Aspen Azerbaijan" & Aspen puts all the aesthetical values, product features, application options and product variety required by the world construction sector into the service of the world with the Metal Ceiling Systems of its brand INTEGRA.
Production method in Aspen Eskisehir Facilities has been developed in a way that will meet panel standards with the same dimensions and surface flatness based on the awareness that it shall be responsible for the aesthetics of the finishing. Panels painted with electrostatic powder paint can be produced in various dimensions, thus responding to the demands of customers without limiting the creativity of the designer.
"Aspen Azerbaijan" & Aspen has adopted it as a principle to contribute to the Project from project preparationstages to post sales services with the best solutions and the most suitable products with INTEGRA Metal Ceiling Systems.